“How do I find Crux Tasting Room?”
Don’t be scared, it’s a little funky getting here but you’re on the right path! You can find us at the East end of Industrial Way, where it hits Division St. Don’t mind the “Private Road” signs or the railroad tracks…you’re welcome to drive on through to get to us. A map is available here.

“What are your hours of operation?”
Crux is open 11:30am – 10pm everyday of the week EXCEPT Monday, when we open at 4pm. Please note that we do not open our kitchen on Mondays, so come hungry for our amazing outdoor Food Carts that day.

“Can I make reservations? Bring a large group?”
At this time, we do not take reservations. We’ve found that Crux works best when it’s an open and inviting environment for everyone. Come in and get to know your neighbor on the stool next to you!

“Does Crux give tours?”
Crux now offers FREE tours! We are excited to provide 3 regular tours each week on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday @ 4:30pm here in our Tasting Room. Tours can accommodate up to 8 people, but you’ve gotta use our online Tour reservation system to confirm your spot.

“Are minors allowed?”
Yes! We welcome you and your young ones. We just can’t serve ‘em at the bar, so please don’t send them up to order your beer for you.

“Are dogs allowed?”
We love dogs at Crux, and we welcome them here! They just need to be on leash at all times, and we can’t have any pups inside unless they’re a certified service animal.

“Where can I buy Crux beer/where are you distributed?”
Crux is currently distributed throughout Oregon and Washington, and in parts of Idaho (namely, the Boise area), California (namely, the Bay Area) and Colorado (namely, the Denver area). We wish we could get our beer to you wherever you call “home,” but it may take us a little while if your home is outside those three states. Bear with us, we are working on it!

“Can I buy a keg? If so, what styles are available?”
You may absolutely buy kegs from Crux. You can either drop in and see what we have available at the Tasting Room, or you can email us at info@cruxfermentation.com and let us know what you’re interested in picking up.

“What’s on tap? What’s on the menu? Is it up to date?”
Our website will always list our current On Tap menu for your sipping pleasure! The food and beer menus will be up-to-date daily, with the possibility of some slight changes in case we run out of our Soup of the Moment, or if folks kill a keg faster than our fingers can update our beer menu.

“Do you serve food?”
We don’t want to toot our own horn TOO much, BUT…we’ve got delicious food here at Crux. From nibbles and appetizers to some heartier sandwiches and desserts, we’ve got you covered. No Crux food on Mondays, but please explore our awesome Food Carts outside any day of the week.

“Are the food carts open?”
You bet those Food Carts are open! Please check the here for their up-to-date hours.

“Where can I buy your branded merchandise?”
Lucky, you! You can buy our sweet Merch either in-person at the Tasting Room, or on our online store.

“What’s Sundowner Hour?”
Sundowner Hour is a magical time, and it happens every single day. Enjoy $1 off beers and $2 off appetizers for the half hour directly before and after Sunset each day. Times will vary depending on the time of year.

“What about future beer releases? When is my favorite beer coming back on tap?”
We want to keep you as updated as possible about all of our delicious beer offerings on our On Tap page. We will be sure to list all Bottle Release parties on our Events page. Our website will always be up-to-date with what’s on draft that very day, so you can arrive thirsty and feel confident about tasting pint.

“Can I buy a gift card over the phone and have someone pick it up?”
We love to spread the Crux Luv, and we’re happy to make up a gift card for you via phone. Just make sure you remember to tell the lucky recipient to come pick it up!

“Where can I find out when you’ll have live music?”
Whenever a band is coming through, we’ll be sure to post that on our Events page. Check there for our latest calendar of talented artists.

“Do you make a cider? Gluten free? Root beer?”
Crux does not make any cider, root beer, or gluten free beer at this time. We partner with awesome local cideries for a fresh cider option on tap, and we’ve got wine and soda to satisfy your other (potentially gluten-free) needs.

“Do you guys donate beer to local events or organizations?”
Crux loves to support our local and regional communities whenever possible. We have big hearts but a small brewery. We hope you’ll understand why we can’t donate beer to everyone who asks. If you are interested in having Crux donate to your event, please visit our Donations page.

“Is Crux hiring?”
Please check out the Careers section of our website for any open positions. If you are interested in working at the Tasting Room, feel free to drop by during our open hours and drop off a resume to one of our Tasting Room Leads.