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“It’s all about the beer.”

Our founder and brewmaster Larry Sidor has been saying it since day one, and so do our brewers, chefs, servers… we’ve even got a few of our regulars saying it by now.

Here at Crux Fermentation Project, we are a brewer-owned and operated community committed to brewing perfection and fermentative experimentation of the highest quality. From our one-of-a-kind brewing facilities to our culture of true craft, everything we endeavor to do is driven by our authentic pursuit of the next great beer… or whiskey… or wine… you get the idea.

When it comes to our beers, whatever it takes to make it good is what we’re going to do: rare yeast strains, whole leaf hops, non-traditional brewing methods, experimental aging processes… this is truly no compromise brewing devoted to the craft. We believe that it’s possible to totally change someone’s perception of what beer can be, and that there is a beer out there for everybody. Try our beers and we think you’ll agree. Or, as Larry says, “If you can’t come into Crux and find a beer you like, you may not like beer.”

When it comes to our fermentation project, we believe beer is just the beginning. From whiskey and wines to ciders, pickles, and kraut, our passion for fermentation knows no limits and our commitment to quality is never in question. It’s why we’ve become a favorite of locals, visitors, and beer fanatics afar: there is so much to explore and enjoy beyond just great beer at Crux.

Located in beautiful Bend, Oregon our Tasting Room offers a wide array of lagers, ales, and experimental beers alongside house-blended wine, whiskey, cider, and a beer-inspired menu of fine eats; as well as a lush lawn dotted with local food carts, weekly live music, and unbeatable mountain views of the Cascade Range.

So, come visit us and get a taste of the good life. Or, find us on tap or in-store for a sip into our endless pursuit of fermentation perfection.

Welcome to our community.
We’re glad you’re here.