Our Story

Founded by Larry Sidor, Dave Wilson and Paul Evers, Crux Fermentation Project opened its garage doors on June 30, 2012. But it didn’t happen overnight and we didn’t do it alone.

Built in 1988, our building was originally a Munnell & Sherill Mill Supply, an integral part of Bend’s history as a timber empire. In 1999, Dave Beezely bought the building and it was converted to an AAMCO transmission shop. In 2011, we found the building and began yet another transformation.

We bought used equipment from friends in the brewing business. The bulk of our brewing equipment came from a defunct Japanese brewpub, arriving in pieces we had to reassemble, clean and polish, with the help of friends and family. Then, brewmaster Larry spent months beneath the brewdeck working with plumbers and welders.

The interior, furnishings and fixtures at Crux are mostly reclaimed or recycled, as our way of paying homage to the building’s industrial history—and as our way of channeling the creative energy of a community of beer lovers.

Crux was a labor of love. To all of you who contributed ideas, materials, sweat and support to the project (and are represented on the wall of paper portraits), THANK YOU.

– Larry & Paul