Find Us

Today's Sundowner Hour: 30 min before, 30 min after Sunset


Crux Fermentation Project

50 SW Division Street, Bend, OR 97702
(541) 385-3333

Parking Tips

*Industrial Way is closed so please use Aune Street to visit us – just ignore the “No Outlet” sign.

Due to our unique location, access to Crux is limited,¬†as is the parking – especially at peak times. If you don’t get “rock star” parking in one of our lots or nearby on the street, head down to our overflow parking lot on the east side of Spoken Moto (look for the sandwich board sign). Another tip is to park along Colorado Ave and walk along the pathway to our tasting room.

Of course, we like to encourage everyone to ride their bikes for the best parking, especially now that we have fancy bike racks with our logo built in.

Did you know Uber & Lyft are now in Bend? Not only do we want you to get you home safely by having someone else drive for you, but you might also consider having them drop you off at our tasting room!

Kegs to Go

Have a kegerator at home? Need a keg for a party? No problem. We just ask that you email us a couple of days ahead of time so we can get you the beer your heart desires. Pick up times are Tuesday – Friday, 11:30am – 4:00pm. And we require a $100 deposit to encourage you to return the shell so we can fill it up for the next guy.