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Redemption, The Origin Story of NØ MØ

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Larry Sidor, our Co-Founder, has been in the brewing industry for over 50 years. His journey towards brewing our non-alcoholic (NA) line-up, NØ MØ, started about 40 years ago. “I was making an NA beer for a brewery in Missouri and was told to increase volume. I tried everything possible, through arrested fermentations, dealcoholization using thin film evaporation, and vacuum distillation; needless to say, I failed. I made some terrible beers back then.” 

Larry has always been a fan of NA beers, but never believed it was possible to brew a great craft NA.

A few years ago, Larry recognized there was still a market for NA beers and recalled, “I needed redemption!

“My fellow brewers and employees thought I was a little off my rocker, so a challenge was set. We brought in all the NAs we could find and tried them all. Some were good, and some were not so great, which began our experimental route of brewing a decent NA. 

 “The first one we brewed was a glimmer of hope, but we ended up dumping all of it,” Larry remembers. “The second version, we sold in the pub, and we were excited about it. Then we went on to brew a handful of variations. The one you’re drinking now is worthy of redemption for me.

“When we first started brewing NØ MØ IPA, we stumbled upon the health benefits and that it’s only 30 calories! It tastes good, and it’s good for you, making it a win/win!” 

Our NØ MØ brand keeps evolving; we’re constantly adjusting and refining our process. 

After the success of NØ MØ, our NA IPA brewed with Citra and Mosaic hops, Sidor and his team went on to brew NØ MØ Hazy IPA, which we released for the first time at the beginning of 2022, and now we’re proud to present our third NØ MØ: Strata Gold. We crafted this alternative golden ale with an aroma full of peach, apricot, and honeydew notes. A familiar, full-bodied mouthfeel and crisp malt backbone round this near beer out.

Because we’re on a wild pursuit of perfection, continuously refining our recipes, and growing with demand, we think NØ MØ Strata Gold may be our best NA offering yet. 

Strata Gold is seasonal and will run until summer. Then, we’ll be rolling out the next big thing in NA: NØ MØ Hoppy Red. 

So, stay thirsty because we’ve got you covered.