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NØ MØ + Bend Racing

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It’s been over a decade since my husband, Jason, and I moved to Bend. From what we hear, it is the classic Bend story. We had been living out of our 1992 Toyota truck- teaching acrobatics and adventure racing around the world. After multiple years of collecting gear, repacking, and packing all out of our tiny yet awesome truck, it was time to find a landing spot. I (Chelsey) had lived in Bend for a year before I met my husband, and I remember loving everything about it. We put it on our short list of places where we could see ourselves settling down. After one mountain bike ride and a beer at Deschutes Brewery (Crux wasn’t open yet!), Jason looked at me and said, “this is it. I don’t want to look anywhere else.”

Within a month of the bike ride, we put in an offer on a house (the prices were much lower then) and convinced our teammate Daniel to move up here as well. Our dreams of having a place where we could do all the adventurous sports we love, and drink a craft beer at the end of the day were fulfilled. 

Since, we have grown our business and team, BendRacing. We now have nine athletes on our team; four live here in Bend, and the other five visit often for training weekends. We put on around nine adventure races, adventure race camps, and swim runs a year that attracts athletes and their families from all over the world to experience this special slice of heaven we all live in.

While Jason, myself, and the rest of the team still enjoy the occasional beer from time to time, we have found that as we age, our bodies can’t recover as quickly from a nightly beer, no matter how incredible it is! After we were offered a NØ MØ IPA by our fellow friend and Crux athlete Serena Bishop, we were hooked. The crisp and full-body flavor is like no other non-alcoholic beer we have tasted, and it only has 30 calories! NØ MØ has become our post ride/run/paddle/climb/big mission dream come true. Even better, it’s made right here in Bend, Oregon – a place we all have grown to love so much. 

There’s rarely a day that doesn’t end with a NØ MØ. And while we do still enjoy the occasional craft beer Crux offers, our go-to is NØ MØ IPA (unless NØ MØ Strata Gold is in season). Once a week, we ride to Crux, enjoy the beautiful sunset, and reflect on a good week with our favorite people and beers. And our kids play in their big yard, so they’re happy with this arrangement too. Our business and team strive to support and be supported by local companies like Crux, which, if you haven’t guessed it already, happens to be our favorite local brewery. 

We are excited to share NØ MØs with other racers at our events and to crack a cold one on the finish lines of many races to come. 

A big thanks to Serena for introducing us to this incredible non-alcoholic craft beer and to Crux for graciously inviting us to be on their team.

– Chelsey Magness