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It’s fresh hop season, and the air is filled with verdant anticipation.

After the kids return to school and the sun becomes slightly less intense, hop farmers will open their doors to local breweries for a short window of time. Brewers, in return, wake before the day breaks, hold out their burlap sack, and watch as fresh hop cones cascade into their bags.

In most beers, the hop component is pelletized or dried. This method works great to seal in flavor at peak conditions and keeps the hop sturdy for shipment and storage. But for a select few weeks, usually in September, the hop is plucked off the bine and used immediately to make a truly stunning beer. The fresh hop lends itself to more hop intensity. The natural ingredients shine through; the result is more character, more potency, and more flavor.

For the championed hop, the clock starts ticking as it starts its swift sojourn. It only has mere hours to make it into the kettle before it becomes less intense and the characteristics start breaking down. Our brewers work fast to lock in that fresh hop flavor. It truly is a labor of love and an homage to the craft of beer making.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, we’ve got three fresh hop beers coming at you!

Pert Near Fresh Hop IPA – JUST RELEASED

Whole cones of bright and tender McKenzie hops, developed by West Coast Hop Breeding, an exclusive to the Willamette Valley, were lovingly lowered into this brew to bring you a dank and piney pint. Lively notes of jammy berry alongside juicy tropical flavors and floral aromas. It’s pert near the best fresh hop beer around. with McKenzie hops. Find it in 16oz cans and on tap in our tasting room and be on the lookout; it will appear in markets soon!

New Favorite Fresh Hop Hazy IPA – WEDNESDAY SEP 20 RELEASE

Brewed with fresh #1019 hops, that are known for their mighty and satisfying tropical vibes, along with notes of juicy citrus and stone fruit. This fresh hop hazy will become your fast New Favorite. Find it on draft and in cans in our tasting room and beyond.

Crosby Strata Fresh Hop IPA –  WEDNESDAY SEP 20 RELEASE

Featuring, the new and experimental Strada CGX™ Fresh Hop Lupulin, along with whole cones of fresh Strata to pack in BIG HOP taste and aroma. With tasting notes of pineapple and mango and a vibrant tropical aroma, it’s not for the hop faint of heart. Available in cans and on draft, as a tasting room only release.

Fresh Hop Fests – We’ll be featuring our beers at these fine festivals:

Sisters Fresh Hop Festival Sept 24

Fresh Hops on the Pond in Bend, Sept 30

Portland Fresh Hops Festival Sept 30-Oct 1

Yakima Fresh Hop Ale Fest Oct 8

Come out, drink some tasty beer, and say hi!