Crowlers are Here! | Crux Fermentation Project
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Crowlers are Here!

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Growlers are fine, but crowlers are better.

Gone are the days of forgetting your growler at home. Crowlers are the new champion. They’re lightweight, durable, and, let’s not forget, that satisfying sound when you crack it open…Crussshhh (or is it pshhaaatttt??)

We’re filling 32 oz of liquid gold just for you. All your favorite tasting room exclusives and beyond fit nice and sung in this portable party. 

What’s a crowler?

A crowler is an oversized beer can loaded on-premise with your favorite malty beverage. We installed an enchanting machine that spins your beer (truly captivating) and seals the top right after it’s filled, so your brew stays pristine and full-flavored. 

*NOTE – Be sure to still drink it ASAP for maximum freshies.

Why a crowler? 

The slick and sturdy aluminum keeps beer away from light and oxygen, which can produce dreaded “off-flavors.” 

*ANOTHER NOTE – Off-flavors are like uninvited houseguests that have no place in your beer. 

Because we can brew unique and small batches of beers on our pub brewing system, many sublime, perhaps even life-changing beers roll through here and are exclusive to the tasting room.  Now with our husky crowler in your hands (choose from two can designs), you can take our specialty brews home, and enjoy them wherever it feels right. 

Find the current  tap list on our website. It’s always fresh and up to date with what we have on draft. So you’re free to scroll, browse, and have deep beer thoughts in the privacy of your own home before you’re standing in line, panicking about which beer to pour into your brand new chonky crowler.

May we suggest the new Margarita Gose, Two Dope Limez, or Mecca Grade Rye Lager?  

((Chushhhhh)) Yup, that’s the sound.