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In The Pocket




1 – 750 ml Bottle 2017 [BANISHED] In The Pocket
1 – 750 ml Bottle 2018 [BANISHED] In The Pocket
1 – 750 ml Bottle 2019 [BANISHED] In The Pocket

This Barrel-Aged Rustic Saison is a funky blend of aged and unaged imperial saisons and has become one of our master brewer’s favorite [BANISHED] Series beers, especially when it comes to pairing it with seafood – specifically King Crab legs. Aged in northwest red wine barrels, the elder imperial saison lays down the tart oaky notes in lock step with the wild improv of the younger brett duet making for a complex, yet harmonious flavor experience. (9.9% ABV, T.A. 6.0 g/l)

This set is perfect for those who like to discover the nuances between three different years of the same beer. If you like funky complex flavors, In The Pocket is for you!