$2 off during the half hour directly before and after Sunset
  • Dip
    artichoke jalapeno kale dip, chips, warmed seasoned pita.
  • Angler Cakes
    smoked salmon cakes, braised green beans, creole Porter-aioli.
  • Baked Cheddar
    Irish Porter cheddar, smoked honey, and roasted filberts. Served with artisan rosemary crackers.
  • Black and Tan Pretzel
    smoked sea salt, spicy beer cheese.
  • Better Off Brussels
    [BANISHED] Better Off Red malt vinegar reduction, roasted brussel sprouts, shallots, coconut flakes.
  • Project Board
    artisan cheese, cured meat, bacon wrapped figs, castelvetrano olives, Tough Love bacon jam and rosemary crackers.